HELP Bibian to defend her Gold medal at the Paralympic games in Peyong Chang 2018.    

After beating cancer for 9 times in the last 18 years, Bibian just never gives up. 

In 2001 Bibian lost her leg due to bone cancer, in the last 17 years the cancer came back 8 times. In may 2016 her doctors told her there was nothing they could do any more and that she was going to die. But a new way of radiation by the MRIdian kept her a life. This summer the cancer came back in her neck and Bibian had to go true major surgery, where her C6 vertebra was replaced for a Titanium construction but Bibian is already back in training.   


Bibian won the gold medal in Sotchi, is 7 times World Champion and unbeaten since march 2012, but oddly enough most sponors gave up on here and her own federation only supports 9% so she does not have enough funding for a good training program.

Please support Bibian and help here to show the world that it is all about Mentelity. Please help Bibian to make this next miracle happen!


#Because we have received several questions regarding the amount we are trying to raise and on what it will be spend, here below an explanation.

We started this crowdfund already in august 2016.                                                                                                        The total amount has been and will be spend on 2 years of training and racing. Thanks to all donations Bibian was able and will be able to pay for her road2korea from winter 2016 untill march 2018 including gear, snowboards, traveling and staff (coach, trainer, fysio)   




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10-03-2018 | 10:01 Bibian inspireert, geeft hoop, moed en doorzettingsvermogen aan iedereen die door een noodlot wordt getroffen. Veel succes op de spelen.